Company believes in corporate governance to direct and control the company in the interest of shareholders and other stakeholders with the aim of sustaining and enhancing the value of the company.

With this in mind company propels it’s corporate creed ahead:

The corporate mission is to be a preeminent supplier of uPVC pipes & fittings, PVC foam sheet and PVC Profiles to it’s customers through product leadership, excellent value and superior quality and service.

# To promote quality products with the objective of setting benchmarks for industry practice.
# To promote and assist in the development of standards, specifications and practices that help ensure the proper use of plastic pipes.
# To enhance the knowledge and awareness of contemporary plastic pipeline technologies amongst specifies, users and installers.

# Manufacture and supply products and services of the highest quality and optimum value.
# Sustain a level of competence expected as a professional operator and only supply such products and services for which Aziz Pipes Limited is suitably qualified.
# Conduct all aspects of business in a professional and responsible manner.
# Engage in fair and open competition based on truthful representation of products and services Offered.

Satisfy Customers with highest quality product, service & support.
Achieve excellence in people, creativity & imagination.
Be honest, upholding values and standards.