Superior Look and Feel

Profile Windows & Partitions are very compelling whether installed at home or at office. Precision make and color corresponds to class & beauty and can be very appealing to the eye.

Excellent Weather Resistant

Profile Windows & Partitions are designed to block rain, moisture, and dust. Perfect combination of high quality rubber seals, glass, brushes and interlocks helps to achieve these. Design also incorporates slants to drain rain water outside.

Excellent Fire Retardant

Yopu are more safe with our PVC Profile Windows & Partitions as these does not spread fire easily unlike wood windows.

Excellent Sound Proofing

Precision manufacture, fusion joints and perfect combination of profiles incorporates excellent sound proofing. Your home or office will be more isolated from outside noise and un-wanted sounds.

Excellent Impact Strength

Multi-Chambered Profiles will resist the hardest of knocks. This unbeatable strength is incorporated with 2.7 –mm chamber walls plus re-enforcement.

Excellent Thermal Efficiency

Multi Chambered Profile designs also correspond to superior thermal insulation. Your home or office can be more cooler in summer and more warmer in winter.

Corrosion Resistant

Profile Windows & Partition will never rust or corrode. Chemical or other corroding substance will not harm the profiles.

Electricity Insulated

Profile Windows & Partitions are made from all electrical charges. You are safe from electrical shocks and lightning charges when using our windows and partitions.

Maintenance Free

Profile Windows and Partitions are require minimum maintenance. They do not warp or rot in harmful climatic conditions. Occasional cleaning with regular detergent will keep the shine for year end and out. No painting or varnish will be ever required.