Since its inception 1985, Aziz Pipes Limited has become the principal producer and suppliers of uPVC pipes in Bangladesh.
Aziz Pipes Limited produces best quality uPVC pipes with Japanese and Europeanes machinery, strictly maintaining quality according to International Standard.
We follow Brithis Standards BS-3505 1968/1986 and ISO Standard 4422.


Portable Water Supplies Waste Water Disposal – Domestic & Industrial
Drainage and Storm Water installations
Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems
Bore-well Casing and Suction Pipe
Ducting for Power and Communication Cables
Agricultural Land Drainage


Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive
Resistant to Most Chemicals
Resistance to Abrasion
Self Color – No Painting or Color
No Fungus or Bacteria


Specific Gravity : 1.36 – 1.43
Tensile Strength: 450 Kgf/Cm2 – 560 Kgf/ Cm2
Elongation: 80%
Modulus of Elasticity: 30,000 -33,750 Kgf/ Cm2
Compressive Strength: 11,250 Kgf/ Cm2
Temperature at 18.5 Kgf/Cm2: 750 C
Co-efficient of Linear Expansion: 5.5×10-5 m/m/ 0C
Temperature Conductivity: 4× 10-4 cal/hr/Cm2/0C/cm
Flammability: Self Extinguishing
Impact Strength 00C: 0.5-1 ft-lb/Inch of notch
200c: 1-2 ft/lb/Inch of notch